What’s Fueling the Drop in Oil Prices?


How long will it last? Who wins & loses from it? On the New York Mercantile Exchange, a barrel of light sweet crude is currently worth well under $60. Prices have dropped more than 25% in a month and almost 45% year-over-year. What is behind this freefall? How long will prices keep dropping, and who [...]

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Keeping Holiday Spending Under Control


  What little steps can you take to keep from getting carried away?   You’ve seen the footage on the news. You’ve been in the middle of it. You’ve stood in the vexing lines. You’ve circled for the elusive parking spots. Holiday shopping can be downright frenzied – and impulsive.   You don’t necessarily need [...]

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Talking About Money Before & After You Marry


No money secrets should stand between the two of you as you wed. No married couple should suffer from financial infidelity. If you hide debt, income or assets from your spouse, it can lead to a fight and possibly even an impasse in your relationship. Communication & transparency are essential when it comes to money. [...]

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Financial Considerations for 2015


Is it time to make a few alterations for the near future? 2015 is less than three months away. Fall is the time when investors look for ways to lower their taxes and make some financial changes. This is an ideal time to schedule a meeting with a financial, tax or estate planning professional. How [...]

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Fall Financial Reminders


  The year is coming to a close. Have you thought about these financial ideas yet? As every calendar year ends, the window slowly closes on a set of financial opportunities. Here are several you might want to explore before 2015 arrives. Don’t forget that IRA RMD. If you own one or more traditional IRAs,you [...]

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That First RMD from Your IRA


  What you need to know about your first RMD from your IRA.   When you reach age 70½, the IRS instructs you to start making withdrawals from your Traditional IRA(s).These IRA withdrawals are also called Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). You will make them annually from now on.1 If you fail to take your annual [...]

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Weekly Economic Newsletter – September 15, 2014


  WEEKLY QUOTE“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.”  - John Muir            WEEKLY TIP Think about putting 50% of your future pay raises into your workplace retirement plan, where those dollars could grow and compound nicely [...]

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Weekly Economic Newsletter – September 2, 2014


  WEEKLY QUOTE “One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.” - Helen Keller            WEEKLY TIP Retirement savings calculators are handy, but not all of them account for variables. Take their estimates with a grain of salt.        WEEKLY RIDDLE Glittering points that downward thrust. Sparkling spears that cannot rust. What [...]

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What can married couples do to increase joint lifetime benefits? What is your “magic number”? Roughly half of retirees claim Social Security benefits at age 62, as soon as they become eligible. Some people delay benefits and postpone using their retirement savings as an income source. Others apply out of necessity; their financial situation leaves [...]


Taking Taxes Into Account When Saving & Investing


 It isn’t always top of mind, but it should be. How many of us save and invest with an eye on tax implications? Not that many of us, according to a recent survey from Russell Investments (the global asset manager overseeing the Russell 2000). In the opening quarter of 2014, Russell polled financial services professionals [...]

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