Financial Planning

Year-end Financial Checklist for Working Professionals


Set yourself up for success in the new year with a financial checkup.  Here are some essential year-end tax, planning, and financial housekeeping items to consider.   If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.    Maximize  contributions to tax-advantaged retirement savings accounts including 401(k), HSA, or IRA accounts. Reduce taxes by offsetting capital gains [...]

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Why You Might Want to Create a Donor-Advised Fund


A DAF can be a great way to give, with potentially great tax breaks. Do you regularly donate to charities and other non-profit organizations? Then you may want to open a donor-advised fund.   Donor-advised funds are becoming popular. It is easy to see why. They offer potential tax perks, and in some instances, a [...]

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Tax Changes That May Be Overlooked


Some alterations to the Internal Revenue Code were less publicized than others.  Late last year, federal tax laws underwent sweeping changes. Nearly a year later, you can be forgiven for not keeping up with them all. Here is a look at some important (yet underrecognized) adjustments that may affect the numbers on your 2018 federal [...]

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Ways to Fund Special Needs Trusts


A look at the different options & strategies. If you have a child with special needs, a trust may be a financial priority. There are many crucial goods and services that Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income will not pay for, and a special needs trust may be used to address that financial challenge.   In [...]

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Your 2018 Financial To-Do List


  Things you can do for your future as the year unfolds. What financial, business, or life priorities do you need to address for 2018? Now is a good time to think about the investing, saving, or budgeting methods you could employ toward specific objectives, from building your retirement fund to lowering your taxes. You [...]

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Should We Reconsider What “Retirement” Means?


  The notion that we separate from work in our sixties may have to go. An executive transitions into a consulting role at age 62 and stops working altogether at 65; then, he becomes a buyer for a church network at 69. A corporate IT professional decides to conclude her career at age 58; she [...]

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Before You Claim Social Security


  A few things you may want to think about before filing for benefits.     Whether you want to leave work at 62, 67, or 70, claiming the retirement benefits you are entitled to by federal law is no casual decision. You will want to consider a few key factors first.     How long [...]

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Tax Rules on Rental Property


The basics on capital gains & deductions.   Buying or selling income property has definite tax consequences. A taxpayer should clearly understand them, whether he or she intends to acquire a property or put one on the market.   A sale of income property incurs either a capital gain or loss. If you profit from [...]

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When Someone Dies Without a Will


Where do things proceed from that point?   Every day, people die intestate. In legalese, that means without a will. This opens the door for the courts to decide what happens with their estates.   When no valid will exists, state intestacy laws dictate how assets are distributed. These laws divide an estate evenly (or [...]

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Could You Improve Your Personal Finances Today?


Simple decisions & new habits might lead you toward a better financial future.   In life, there are times when simple decisions can have a profound impact. The same holds true when it comes to personal finance. Here are some simple choices you could make that may leave you better off financially – in the [...]

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