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Introduction of PFS Financial Firm


After serving our community for over 12 years as Pellecchia Financial Services, we have several changes to announce. J.D. has taken on the role of Chief Executive Officer. He will continue to set the vision and direction of our company while serving our clients. Over the last several years, he has been developing [...]

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Year-end Financial Checklist for Working Professionals


Set yourself up for success in the new year with a financial checkup.  Here are some essential year-end tax, planning, and financial housekeeping items to consider.   If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.    Maximize  contributions to tax-advantaged retirement savings accounts including 401(k), HSA, or IRA accounts. Reduce taxes by offsetting capital gains [...]

Year-end Financial Checklist for Working Professionals2018-12-17T23:44:10+00:00

A Retirement Fact Sheet


Some specifics about the “second act.” Does your vision of retirement align with the facts? Here are some noteworthy financial and lifestyle facts about life after 50 that might surprise you.   Up to 85% of a retiree’s Social Security income can be taxed. Some retirees are taken aback when they discover this. In addition to [...]

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Why You Might Want to Create a Donor-Advised Fund


A DAF can be a great way to give, with potentially great tax breaks. Do you regularly donate to charities and other non-profit organizations? Then you may want to open a donor-advised fund.   Donor-advised funds are becoming popular. It is easy to see why. They offer potential tax perks, and in some instances, a [...]

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Filling Out the FAFSA


There is really no reason to wait   October is here – the ideal time for college students to apply for financial aid. October 1, in fact, marks the first day a current or future college student can submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, for the 2019-20 academic year. Since some states [...]

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Tax Changes That May Be Overlooked


Some alterations to the Internal Revenue Code were less publicized than others.  Late last year, federal tax laws underwent sweeping changes. Nearly a year later, you can be forgiven for not keeping up with them all. Here is a look at some important (yet underrecognized) adjustments that may affect the numbers on your 2018 federal [...]

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When Is Social Security Income Taxable?


To find out, look closely at two factors.    Your Social Security income could be taxed. That may seem unfair or unfathomable. Regardless of how you feel about it, it is a possibility.   Seniors have had to contend with this possibility since 1984. Social Security benefits became taxable above a certain yearly income level [...]

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The Details More People Should Know About Medicare


  Before you enroll, take note of what medicare insurance does not cover and the changes ahead.     Misconceptions about Medicare coverage abound. Our national health insurance program provides seniors with some great benefits. Even so, traditional Medicare does not pay for dental care, vision care, or any real degree of long-term care. How [...]

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Starting a Roth IRA for a Child or Grandchild


This early financial decision could prove profoundly positive over time.   Do you have a child or grandchild earning some income? Indirectly, that after-school or summer job might present a savings opportunity for that teenager. You could help your child or grandchild save for future goals by assisting them to create and fund a Roth [...]

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Financial Considerations When Buying a Car


Things to think about before heading to a dealership.     Time to buy a car? Short of buying a house, this is one on the most important purchases you will make. It’s also one that you might be making several times through your life, comprising of thousands – sometimes tens of thousands – of [...]

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