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Tell Me Something Good #15

Instacart Shoppers Deliver Groceries and Encouragement

Instacart, the largest grocery shopping and delivery company nationwide, has hired thousands of new personal shoppers to meet the increased demand for their services since the spread of the coronavirus.  These shoppers are literally saving lives by protecting people who are at-risk from the potential germs encountered in grocery stores. What was once considered a luxury service has now become a necessity for many people who are in isolation.

Shopper, Juana Maceo said, “It really feels good to help someone that really can’t shop for themselves. It does warm my heart.” Maria Molinary echoed this sentiment. She also acknowledged that it is sometimes bitter sweet. When she realized that she was shopping for a parent to fill their child’s Easter basket, Molinary said, “It really hit me and saddened me.”

Shoppers who worked for Instacart long before the pandemic share that they have been encouraged by an increase in customers expressing their appreciation for their efforts. An anonymous shopper shared that she recently felt valued and appreciated by a customer’s act of kindness. She said, “I always message my customers before I check out and ask them if there are any last items they need to add. It was so nice when my customer messaged back and told me to add a drink or candy bar for myself. She really made my day.”

Many shoppers, having recognized the unique bridge that they are between some isolated people and store-bought goods, are using their position to encourage their customers. Customers and Shoppers are able to message one another. Nicole Cremeans’ customer shared that she was pregnant and craving Cadbury eggs. Unfortunately, the store was out of stock.  However, Nicole decided to make a special stop at another store and purchase the candy herself. She delivered the mom-to-be’s groceries, along with a note and a bag of the treat she was craving.

Other shoppers have done the same and spent their own money to give to customers. Felicia Beecher and Mike Fink both felt compassion for people who were in need of toilet paper. When stores were out of stock, they each independently began to give rolls (from their own reserves) to those in need, free of charge. Mike said, “The kind gesture often brought tears to customers’ eyes, and that right there was worth the small amount of money it cost to purchase the items.”

Way to go, Instacart Shoppers! Thank you for investing your time, energy, and hearts into keeping local homes well-stocked, making local people safer, and going above your job descriptions to encourage others!

Story Submitted by Amy Harmon-Eaton

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” - Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)

At PFS Financial, we strive to look for the light in dark times. Check back here each day to join us in celebrating local Helpers. #tellmesomethinggoodtampabay

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